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“Back before Sonic the Hedgehog and SoundCloud, America did not have much culture to go around.


American Poison: Life and Death and the Pursuit of Social Progress

Essay - March 2018

"That recognition and hatred of vileness can be honed into an energy that encompasses the fist as it delivers a blow to the wall of villainy that stands between where we are and where we want to be. However, the recoil of striking brick sends shockwaves back to the core. When left unchecked this action can sooner cause us to crumble before there is any visible damage to the institutions and systems we wish to topple.


UT stabbing: black students and the weight of respectability politics

Feature Story - May 2018

"AUSTIN — On May 1, 2017, Tiereney Bowman, a black public relations sophomore, and her friend, barricaded themselves in a Jester West dormitory. Panic and confusion were surrounding a crime that had just happened on campus. After the dust had settled, Bowman says she was disappointed to learn the perpetrator was black. [...]"

Shades of Mahogany Pageant: Self Introduction

Speech - November 2017

"My resolve is to take those chains, that bound my ancestors, and wrap them around this fist of mine. Because, In a fight you need weapons, and I have armed myself with my words and my wit...  The shame and pride of this country is embedded in my bones. There was no better place than the contradiction that is America, to help me realize that tears from pain and tears from laughter come from the same source. I can use the totality of my passion, both the serious and comedic, and etch my own path forward.



“It could never have been me. Only for that moment in time did I dare to try.

It was when the sky still knew me, my skin could bear.

Encased and metallic — but my joints had yet to lock.

Anointed and propelled, I would take the metal that bound me and with it, cause a shower of bitter slippery glass.


Spark Magazine - MAD MAX

Feature Article - May 2018

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"Dangerous, explosive, and profoundly Australian [...]"

A Letter to the Reverend and Ozymandias

Sonnet - December 2017

"If but 100 bear witness to the pilot’s jetstream       as it cleaves the sky, is his effect then greater than mine?                                                                       Entire being consumed by cause so grand;               but life’s exertion advances small.


Master List - Echo Literary Magazine

Free verse - July 2017


Even though the Master’s lash of hard leather made a map on the back of my ancestors                 There is no way for me to find my homeland


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"The day had finally come. The flood gates of anticipation could hold no longer. Life savings withdrawn. The good lady made promises and she delivered. Fenty Beauty launched.


Peaceful Animals: A Look into Black Pacifism and the Pedagogy of Civil Rights in American Public Education

Essay - February 2017

"The torrent of the firehose, while shocking and horrific, still rests easier on our minds than the state-sponsored murder of Black Panther Captains.