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Juan riedinger, narcos actor q&A — Fero’s Magazine

Sept. 20, 2019 — Q&A

Flames engulf an eighteen-wheeler after one of Juan Riedinger’s characters flicks a match onto the contraband inside. Dressed in a well-fitting tee, he walks towards the screen with a cold stare as the truck explodes behind him. Juan Riedinger is an award-winning actor that often finds himself playing the role of a dangerous man. The Canadian performer is known for his roles in Netflix’s “Narcos” and TNT’s “Claws.” Season four of the CW’s “Riverdale” will see Riedinger as Dodger, the latest nemesis of Archie. An actor, director and a father of twins, Riedinger is a craftsman that has been in the business for over 15-years. Fero’s sat down with him to chat about his career so far.

You played drug lord Carlos Lehder on Netflix’s Narcos. What challenges came with portraying a real person?

Playing a real person definitely adds pressure to capture the truest essence of that individual. Ideally, if they’re alive, you get to meet that person and interview them. Unfortunately, Carlos is in witness protection and impossible to track down. […]

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I, Anime — Spark Magazine

June 12, 2019 — Feature

Anime (/ˈænɪmeɪ/) — A medium of typically Japanese animation spanning a variety of different genres and targeting various demographics. Its’ exact definition is a subject of much debate — reigning in conversations about Orientalism, elitism and Western condescension.

Manga (/ˈmæŋɡə/ ) —  That but a book.

This is a confession.

I love anime. You wouldn’t know that about me because generally, I know how to market myself.

But today, I am showing my hand. […]

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May 10, 2019 — Poem

Three men toiled

The hanged man smiled

Tantalus took his first drink

The third? The third got out.


Designer Sulhee Kim profile — Matrix magazine

May 10, 2019 — Profile

“Your daughter changed our uniform again! This is not appropriate." Sulhee Kim’s mother was used to calls home from school administrators. Her then middle-school-aged daughter frequently found herself in her teachers’ offices back in Korea. On this day, Sulhee had come to school without the standard issue knee socks, and she had made some adjustments to the main garment.

“The skirt was really long, I hated it,” Sulhee says. With that in mind, the now 23-year-old designer took a pair of scissors and made the necessary cuts to the uniform. […]